AK44 house purchase

Hey you,

Do you really like political lectures & networking or subcultural concerts, workshops, and parties? Are you a friend of subculture and radical leftist free spaces?

WE ARE TOO! That’s why we want to buy the Autonomous Cultural Center (AK 44) in Gießen and protect it in the long run from cancellation and commercialization. Therefore we need your support! Give us your money in the form of a direct loan!

You can find more information under:

What is the AK44?

The house is located very close to the train station and offers a free space for political initiatives, concerts, parties, lectures, pub nights, a people’s kitchen, an archive of social movements, and much more. In order that as many people as possible can feel comfortable here, we try to organize ourselves free of hierarchy. All events here are non-commercial and inexpensive. The project is run voluntarily by all active individuals.

Why buy the AK44 and when

Our story goes back to 1981 when we squatted a house in the center of the city. We fought for a living space, an info-shop and some cultural spaces. Towards the turn of the century, the project was driven out of the city center. Back then, supporters fought for the AK44 as a temporary replacement. However, the AK44 is only rented at the moment. For this reason, it is now high time for a new chapter in the history of radical leftist open spaces in Giessen! THIS SUMMER we, the people involved in the project, would like to buy the house. In this way, the project will be politically and economically secured for the next decades – against gentrification, commercialization, and rental increases and for the next generations of radical leftist and independent culture. We have been able to negotiate a purchase price that will not be offered a second time. However, in order to be able to buy, we need help from you and your friends.

How can you support the purchase?
  1. Inform yourself online at https://www.selbstbestimmtes-wohnen.net
  2. Support us with the financing:
    Lend money to the project in the form of a direct loan (subordinated loan) from 1000€. In return, you will be offered a freely selectable interest rate between 0% and 1%. Depending on the amount of the loan, we can agree on an individual period of withdrawal (3-9 months) or a specific term. Do you have questions or are you determined? Write us a mail: Direktkredit@selbstbestimmtes-wohnen.net
  3. Tell others about it: we really need a lot of people to act as messengers, who will talk about this unique opportunity and attract more supporters.
Who is going to guarantee that the whole thing will work out?

We will generate the necessary income to pay back your direct loan through the rent and also by organizing events. In addition, we are also working on acquiring new direct loans. After two years of preparation, we are pretty confident. With our financial plan, your support, and the support of the Mietshäuser Syndikat (syndikat.org), we have the necessary knowledge and a unique opportunity to make this possible. However, the best way to get an impression for yourself is to come over in person and listen to our plan.